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Things To Know If You’re An Indian Girl! But Why?

Sounds like a very simple question, doesn’t it? But if you look deeper, you will realise that there are huge implications involved for any Indian girl.

I posed this question to a male friend of mine in order to seek his opinion on the matter. He replied… ‘Mujhe kya pata? Main ladki hoon kya?‘. Which was quite a revelation, forcing me to put together some thoughts on the issue. Finally, I arrived at the conclusion that ‘Yes! You need to learn lots of things if you’re an ‘Indian girl’..!!

Is it that girls just have to look after the house and produce babies? Not show their face to any fuckface? Do not talk to strangers because a girl should not talk to anyone. Do not speak a word or defend yourself because girls shouldn’t argue. And lastly, stay in the house 24/7 with closed windows and doors.

Bahar mat nikalna nahin to ‘Gabbar’ aakar rape kar dega.. Why? Gabbar doesn’t have a girlfriend or he’s used to it?

Why isn’t it like… Do whatever you want to do, no one can harm you. Go out late, no one will rape you. Cook or don’t, it’s up to you, no one will force you.. You’re not just meant for cooking. You’re not a baby production machine. You have your discretion and choice!!

Boys, on the other hand, have all the liberty and freedom in this world. Why can’t we make it equal? No discrimination on this planet. Girls+Boys = Equality.

1. Cooking: Roti banani seekh le, shaadi nai hogi teri

Yes, you’ll have to cook and your husband will lend you no helping hand.


2. Household work: Ghar ka kaam nahin karegi to shaadi kaise hogi teri 

You’re not a wife, but a maid.


3. Docile: Khud seekhegi tabhi to apne bachhon ko sikhayegi?

You’ll have to do and manage all the household work in order to get married.. Otherwise no marriage.


4. Expectations: Ye ladko ke kaam hain, tu apne kaam kar

You just can’t do this, don’t forget you’re a girl.

Hell yeah, I took it. Look at me dance.

5. Fashion: You should not wear shorts or one pieces!

Stop it Ma.

6. Friends: Ladkon se baat nahin karni.. Bas!!

How dare you had a talk to a boy? Sorry but you’re nailed! Grounded for life..

Let all this be old shit. It’s time to change our mentality and understand that girls are not all that docile any more. I think girls of our country have completely understood this concept and have actually stopped following it and are making their own way.

Now, we can even see examples of Indian women creating history across the globe.

So, change has already begun, ‘Hip Hip Hurrah’ for girls!!

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)


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