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Things To Do In Bed, Other Than Having Sex Or Sleeping!



The bed is not just for sex!

If you are not up to it today, and are lying wide awake in bed, don’t fret.

You can do so many other things in bed, besides sex. Trust Khurki to spruce up your bedroom.

1. Argue for the sake of arguing

 Why not? Have a healthy argument about your pjs, the sheets or the weather for God’s sake.

2. Have a pillow fight

When was the last time you had a pillow fight? It can be a real stress buster.

3. Decide to watch a movie or play some video games

couple playing video

Spend some quality time with each other. Without making it difficult, settle for a mutual movie or video game.

4. Having a midnight snack

There is nothing like sharing a cup of hot cocoa at midnight. Dip some cookies in it.

5. Play scrabble or UNO

Play your favourite childhood board games and please keep your phones switched off.

6. Catch up on some gossip

There is no harm in gossiping like women once a while. Takes a load off your chest.

7. Homemade facials and foot massages


 Pamper each other by giving each other some long due home facials or a foot massage.

 8. Dance like crazy


Put on your favourite playlist and dance away to glory.

9. Order some midnight pizza

After the dancing and scrabble, you will work an appetite. Order some fatty and cheesy pizza.

10. Cuddle up and go to sleep

If you want inspiration for some morning action, cuddle up and go to sleep.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire. Can be reached at: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail me

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