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Amazing Offbeat Things To Do In Bangalore!

If you thought Bangalore was just an IT hub, you are highly mistaken. Besides pleasant weather all year round and a multicultural society, it also offers you a host of off-beat things to do.

If you have a thing for exploring all things that are not normal, you have come to the perfect destination.

Bangalore is can be called as an epicenter for adventure sports, wildlife explorations and so much more. Read on:

1. Do paragliding at Nandi Hills!

It’s Bangalore’s very own hill station, just outside the city.

2. Do a course at the Hamsah Organic and Sustainable Living

Learn how to improve your lifestyle by spending time right on the farmland.

3. Go for a night trek at Anthargange

If you are the type who loves an adventure, then head here on this weekend.


4. Have you tried micro light flying?

Yes, you heard us right. You can go for a date in the sky in this two-seater plane.

Microlight Flying

5. Go for wine tasting at a vineyard

Head to the Nandi Hills and indulge in some wine tasting.

6. Skip the fancy restaurant and eat street food this Sunday

The choice is so vast that you will wonder what to eat and what to miss.


7. Skip Bollywood and watch a play at Jagriti and Rangashankara

In love with live performances, then you will surely get hooked to this.

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