Things That Men Do, Which Make Us Love Them Even More!!


Men can sometimes do those small things that will steal your heart for sure. Most couples is a serious relationship will totally agree to our list.

There is nothing more wonderful in this world than a man who dotes on you and stands by you no matter what.

Ladies agreed??

When he pecks you on your forehead

A kiss on the lips is great, but a kiss on the forehead is very special. It says without words – I love you.

And you should consider yourself one lucky gal.

Holds you without asking any questions, when you cry

We all want to be held when we cry. Some women cry hard, others easy. But nothing beats the feeling of crying on a man’s chest while he holds you close.

The feeling that he is there is priceless.

Sends you flowers for no reason at all

There needs to be no occasion for flowers. And when your man makes the effort to send them to you out of the blue, his love for you is guaranteed.

We guarantee the flowers will melt your heart.

When he tells his friends how lucky he is

Don’t you feel totally awesome when your man talks about you positively in public? You know that he says the exact things behind you back, what he says in front of you.

How can you not love a man who brags about you in public?

Lifts your chin to give you a kiss

One of the most romantic things that a man can do! This one special move speaks volume about his love for you.


Plans a surprise weekend for you

Your guy might not have done this for you yet. But don’t give up hope yet. Sometimes dropping a hint, might just do the trick.

Protects you from harm

We are independent women, agreed. But it does feel nice to have a man who puts himself in harms way for you, just because he cares for you so deeply. After all, he’s a man, and projecting his kin comes naturally to him.

We’re sure it does.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire. Can be reached at: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail me


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