Things That Irritate A Fauji The Most!


Faujis are different. That being said, they are also a little eccentric and cannot stand some things at all.

Most of the time their blood boils when they see the following things. And we can’t blame them.

1. When fellow Indians keep sitting, while the national anthem is playing


2. When they see the tri-color being disrespected, how their blood boils!!

Different coloured paints --- Image by © Hemant Mehta/India Picture/Corbis

3. When people put down India. Criticizing the Gandhis and the Modi is a separate issue. But you can’t lose respect for Mother India.

4. When people talk rubbish about the defense forces, without having a clue about what is happening at the border

5. When people say that Faujis have such a cool and comfortable life. Well they are paying for the comfort with their life


6. When people assume that fauji kids are spoilt brats. Well, they also are the most successful in the long run


8. When they see people mistreat the poor and the animals. They feel totally dejected

9. When they see people run away from an alarming situation, rather than helping a fellow citizen out

10. When they see people take their parents and elderly for granted. Only a fauji can understand the pain of staying away from home.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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