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Watch Out For Things That Are Ruining Your Smile!


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Your smile can win you many hearts, and a sloppy one can spoil your first impression completely. And if you are wondering what is spoiling your set of pearls, read on. While avoiding sugary drinks and giving up cigarettes can help keep your teeth white and shiny, sometimes more serious measures are needed like surgery available from this site: https://www.gumsurgery.com/laser-gum-depigmentation/. They offer a range of treatments for your gums which is important to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Once your smile is fixed, avoid these things, if you want to have a sparkling smile. With a beautiful smile, you can be more confident when you meet new people and you can make more friends. It’s also important to routinely visit your Dentist Tarrytown and not skip appointments as they are the first point of call for noticing anything wrong with your teeth.

Sports beverages or drinks

Sports beverages might be good for your body, but they are terrible for your teeth. The pH levels in these drinks is very high, and that could lead to tooth decay and erosion of the tooth enamel.

Image Source
Image Source

Mineral or bottled water

Although the common tap water is known to have fluoride, but sadly the bottled version is devoid of it. Fluoride is very essential to strengthen the basic structure of the tooth and make it resistant to decay.

Image Source
Image Source


When you are suffering from diabetes, your resistance to infection is low. Your teeth will be more prone to gum infections, which could lead to even more serious problems that may require the services of a professional like https://www.dentalimplantsusa.com/. If you follow a proper routine of flossing and brushing, and keep your sugar in check, you will be able to avoid most problems.

Image Source
Image Source


Smoking is the worst thing that you can do your teeth. It will give your teeth a dirty yellow tinge. The tinge is actually a layer of bacteria, which will eventually bring more problems for you.

Image Source
Image Source


If you drink wine daily, there is a great possibility that over a period of time your tooth enamel will get damaged. The wine will, over a period of time, cause permanent staining on the teeth and spoiling your smile.

Image Source
Image Source

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