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Zip Your Lips! Things You Should Never Share About Your Guy!

You might be sharing everything under the sky with your girl friends. But should you really share everything about your boyfriend too.

Blabbering everything away to them might end him in an awkward position. Don’t give out information, which will make your gal pal feel uncomfortable next time she meets your boyfriend.

And if he’s a catch, some of them might get jealous of you too.

As a rule don’t share these details about him ever:

1. Size of his penis

Isn’t it obvious? He’s your man not a piece of meat available in the market. And if you get dumped tomorrow, the number will haunt you for life.

2. If he is small

The look in your girl friends eyes will convey to him that they know. Spare him the embarrassment.

3. If it’s gross and ugly

Will he like to know the details of your periods, cramps and your other gross details? The same way your friends don’t need to know if it is ugly or pretty. Grow up, you are not 16.

4. If he is great in bed

His special skills in bed don’t need to be mentioned out of the bedroom. Many a girls have lost their boyfriends to their best friends, after they disclosed his tongue routine to them.

5. Likewise, if he’s bad in bed

If he’s a great guy and you intend to keep him, then hold back the sad details. His pride is not a toy.


These are some precautions one must take in a relationship, if it is for keeps!

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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