Things You Mustn’t Do When You’re High!


It’s not always that you perform weirdest, lamest habits of your’s when you’re drunk… Or is it?

Sometimes there’s a reason behind what we do after getting drunk. Like, we must be happy for having achieved success or sometimes it’s just that we’re finding a reason to be happy which lets us do some unnatural stuff!

Everyone in life must have come across something which is now just a shade of memory, a memory that is “never lasting” and a memory that only happened when you were too drunk to recognize it or else it might not have happened with you!

Have you ever indulged in these shitty-but-too-much-fun-performing-these things?

Khurki has prepared a list of things we mustn’t not do justice to simply when we’re HIGH!

1. Lie down in the middle of the road, am I right?


2. Piss on roads


3. Ring doorbells of people, No?


maxresdefault (3)

4. Pretty obvious, call your ex

hqdefault (1)

5. Update your Whatsapp status with ‘Getting High’


6. Disclose your secrets to anyone


7. Get emotional on something NORMAL


8. Dance like idiots

9. Try performing stupid stunts


10. Spend money saying ‘Paise ki kami nai hai’


11. Explore strange places


12. Have the guts to do any f**k**g thing on this planet


13. Do not let others sleep

maxresdefault (2)

14. Make promises which you realise were fake


15. Fight with people to let you drive


16. Telling people that you’re not drunk


Khurki doesn’t tell you to stop drinking…It’s just an advice for those who forget their own planet after they’re too HIGH… these are the things people should stop doing, if you really don’t wanna come in that ‘drunkard’ league!!!

Here’s a video showing the sober side of your’s vs the HIGH one…. Have a laugh!

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)


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