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10 Things Which Make Him The Virat Kohli!

11 Hit NEXT To Know The Man Better

Some call him world’s best batsman, some call him better than Sachin, some a freak and some heir to the throne!. No matter what you call Virat Kohli, you can’t stop applauding the guy for being the major reason for the current image of Indian cricketers around the world. His fearlessness, certainty and morale make him a lethal combo on the field. Ladies and gentlemen, the only person the world’s talking about today! This is what makes him:

10 Consistency/Firmness

Great result always prove your zeal. Hardcore hard working people generally don’t believe in luck, they create their own. Virat has created himself with his consistency in batting.

9 Zest and Zeal

Everyone eyes can see this person’s diligence and love towards the game. These are the things which keep him on the top.

8 Passion for Nation

If you think that he plays for himself, then you’re actually right. But deep down, he has the heart for the nation. And this video says it all:

Video Source

7 Killer Looks

We certainly can’t doubt his looks after Bollywood’s charming queen Anushka’s story.
Girls adore him and often act schizo for the guy. Great looks take him to a totally different level, apart from being a cricketer.

6 Inspiration of today’s Youth

Because being young and getting better each day is what an inspiration looks like and that’s what he is. Being the captain of the under-19 Indian cricket team was the first step.

5 Aggressive Play

A player always needs this quality to face new challenges every time. Being aggressive, but in a right manner brings out the different sides of a game.

4 All-rounder

It’s not just about great looks and greater play, the guy also sings well and plays soccer too.

Video Source

3 Raising Voice Againt Wrong

Which happened recently, when he took a stand for Anushka Sharma and shamed people for trolling and insulting her and involving her as a part of his game. Shows his respect for women and the courage to stand against something wrong happening in the society.

2 Grounded

Is grateful for every praise he gets his way. Supports new and young talent. Respects his idol Sachin Tendulkar the most and recently dedicated his innings to the God of cricket.

1 Pressure can’t handle him

He works on himself, approaches new challenges because he loves them, works to improve every single detail of his to achieve perfection.




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