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Awesome Things You Do In Festive Season!



Of all other things we are proud of in our nation, the Indian festive season is the most fun.

We are Indians and we are extravagant in our approach, even if we are considerate about budgets.

We earn and save the whole year and spend on festivals. There is one festival for everyone here and no-one goes home in distress.

India is like a never ending joyride in an amusement park, which is always open. So wait not, pick your favourite festival ride and have a blast. While you live in India, festivity and reveling is in your blood, just like the colour red!

Here are the awesome festival thingies, which make us, Indian!

1. Food is the primal factor. Festivals are like a never ending buffet, where you get a dilemma while choosing, what to eat and what not to.

2. Ganesha Chaturthi has modaks, Navratri has seel ke laddu, Karva Chauth has Meethi Mathi, Eid has sewaiyaan and Diwali has the whole sweets shop! Every festival is loaded with sweets.

3. You get a chance to break free the shackles of society and get together with family and friends. Stress and work targets can take a trip back to “nowhereland”!

4. This is Show Time buddies. Pick the best dresses and outfits from your wish list and see how you look. Festivals are the beauty pageants and who wants to miss out.

5. It does not matter what shape or size your body is, remember we are Indians. We have the unique-most bodies. Embrace it!

6. Offices across the nation are conducting ethnic dress events: “what a relief”, says your work pants! *Phew*


7. What prom is to the West, Garba parties are to India. *Wink*

8. The markets are all dolled-up. For once, the roads and streets are all clean, whitewashed and a reason to boast about.

9. Massive discounts! You can buy any item you wished for. It seems that your wallet is actually helping you. Aw! So adorable.

10. Another charming word: “Gifts”!

11. Beauty everywhere: wherever you look, you find beautiful faces all over. People are at their best of appearances.

12. It’s Bhangra Time!!


Simranjeet Kalra
Simranjeet Kalra
A man of all seasons, I have seen life closely through the eyes of people I have met. I have a knack for having an alternate vision and a keen "situation-al observation". Always curious and digging for more information, am coming up with my first novel aimed at invoking positive thinking among Indian youth!

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