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Things Guys Do When They Like You, Genuinely!


Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)

What are the things guys do when they like you?

Okay, so you might think that LADKE TO VELLE HAIN… Yeah! Maybe, I’m one of them…But here we’re talking about something that’s pure and genuine…

Jamaila har insaan same nai hota re baba… Maybe he’s really interested in you when he’s doing all these things mentioned below, like he really is? Things like – is he using pickup lines just to impress you. Does he ask you how your day is going? Does he seem to want to get to know you? These are all little things that a guy might do to get your attention… maybe he likes you, who knows?

Who knows if it’s time to get the best life partner that you can?


Try to check whether he’s really truthful or just fooling you with a list full of riches. Here’s a list of things he is sure to do, at times on repeat mode, if he has genuinely fallen for you!

1. Stalk you

2. Finds mutual friends


3. Asks his friends to find out any fucking thing about you

4. Often seen hanging around your house

5. Facebook, Instagram, Wechat.. Tries FINDING YOU!

6. Hits on you on a regular basis

7. Knows your tuition timings

8. Prepares pick-up lines for you

9. Gives you chocolates

10. Gives his best shot to look cool

11. Tries to get your number, from YOU

12. Gives you a lovable funny name

How do you #piss #superman off? Well you just need a lil bit of #govinda. #bollywood #fun with #superheroes #filmy #filmygyan #humor

13. Tells you that you’re beautiful

14. Replies back IMMEDIATELY

15. Will try to be there on the first call

16. Will try not to irritate you with anything

17. Tries making a good impression

18. Will not dare to talk about any other girl

19. Tells you that you’re perfect, when you talk about dieting

20. Makes plans for latest movie

21. Makes you feel special by sharing secrets

love animated GIF

22. Gets emotional if you’re annoyed

23. Tries to make you fall in love

24. Does weird things to make you happy…

25. Throws cheeky lines at you…

26. Can’t listen to anything against you

27. Will protect you from trouble…

So, these were some pretty obvious things about boys which girls say YEH TO HAR LADKA KARTA HAI…

But it might not be the same story for every guy? Comment below if you agree…

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