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Craziest Things Found By Airport Security Upon Frisking

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Have you recently traveled by plane?

Did you get frisked by the airport security and were told to pass all the bits and pieces you are carrying through the scanner?

Going through airport security is a very thorough process. As part of the standard security checks, you can expect to need to pass through several physical access control measures. Typically, these measures include body scanners and turnstiles.

Do you work in the security sector? If so, you might be looking to upgrade some of your physical security measures. If the venue you work at does not already have turnstiles, now might be the time to take inspiration from airport-style security. Turnstiles are mechanical gates fixed to vertical posts, allowing only one person at a time to pass through. Consequently, if you have questions such as ‘what is a good turnstile‘, you might want to head to daosafeturnstile.com.

The last time I went to an airport, I was frisked and I was carrying a couple of Feni bottles in my handbag and alas, they were taken away as the officials said a liquid of more than 100 ml is not allowed in the hand baggage. They didn’t even give me time to check my precious bottles of the Goan alcohol but well what’s gone is gone now.

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Many a time, we come across certain people who are told to step aside by the airport security or are told to open their bags for a thorough check up…Ever wondered why?

Let me show you exactly why…check out the craziest things found by airport security in this video:



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