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Things You Feel If Your Best Friend Dates And You Don’t!

The best thing you earn in life is friendship. But at times, the best friendships become difficult to handle. We all have gone through situations when we felt weird when our best friend dates someone and you are the forever alone types.

Relationship teaches a lot of lessons but best friends are the ones who may have passed or failed but were with you while you were learning these lessons. And this is that one situation of school life when you pass in a subject but your best friend fails – though you both were equally prepared. When life gives you lemons you know what to do, but when life puts you in a situation like this, you have no idea what to do with it.

KHURKI will rub it more in! We have listed out the feelings you undergo when your bff is dating and you are the proud-alone single!

You might feel he/she is more busy than he used to be

Maybe not technically, but he was dating for all the time you guys have been together. Now he is looking into something that belongs to him but not you. None of you is wrong. Just not correct for each other.

He/she will start turning into a good boy/girl


This is so true and simply difficult to digest. You have crossed the limits of being weirdos in this perfect world. But suddenly, your friend who was on tequilas and wild is now on green tea and might be planning a child.

He/she always has plans without you


This is insane but true! That you can’t have plans without each other was just an unsaid AND NOT decided rule of your friendship. But, suddenly he has two tickets of StarWars and you are not the one going with him.

There will be things you will be told after others

It may be news of promotion, failure or something really big. Be prepared, you might be the second one receiving the news. It could even be possible that you might be getting it after many days, when all the spark has been lost.

A holiday day trip without you

This is like the end of the world for you. When you come to know that your bff and his/her partner is going on a holiday, may be with some new friends but not you.

When they hang out where you guys used to

Of course you have no authority over the place(s). You have seen many other hanging out on the exactly same places. But when your bff is out there without you, it’s like the saddest day of your life.

When he will have friends and you have no idea who they are…

This is yet another phase of life! He/she will hang out with others, upload pictures with them. And, you will have no idea who the hell those people were, but you will hate them for no reason.

You will hate your bff’s partner!

You might hate him/her for unfathomable reasons! All the stuff they do will be something you hate the most on the earth. And when he/she is telling you their hangout stories, you will be prepared with a murder plan in your head.

You also might plan getting involved!

This is exactly what will come to your mind a little late, but it definitely will. You should start dating someone and have that one new person who makes it all happy and full of life.

You would wish they break up for some reason or the other

You secretly wish that both of them fight and end up breaking up with each other. Obviously, you will be the shoulder for your best friend to cry on.

If somebody was meant to be there for you, he/she will always be. If not, they will never be.

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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