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Things We All Have Been Doing Wrong Till Now!

We are all super confident when it comes to our daily routines. We just know everything well enough and what’s funny is that in case we are corrected by someone for doing something wrong, we term him or her as being “over smart!”

We do make mistakes and some of the common lifestyle errors which we all commit are actually shocking. You have to see this list to realise what all we have been doing wrong all our life!!

Here’s our list of things we have all been doing wrong till now:

Bobby pins

Source: envebeauty

These pins are supposed to be worn the other side up!

Aluminium foil boxes

Source: chicaandjo

Most aluminum foil boxes have press-in tabs that secure the roll in place, so you don’t have to worry about it flying out every time you rip off a sheet.

For the wine lovers

Source: vinepair

Hey stylo, you’ve been holding the wine glass wrong all this time! It needs to be held by pinching the stem with the forefinger and thumb; not by wrapping the hand around it.

Candy eaters

Source: reddit

This is the reason why you had to tap the tic tac box twice, you have been dispensing it the wrong way!

An apple a day

Source: jooliti

Did you know apples should be eaten this way! Not from the side.

I love burgers

Source: foodbeast

No doubt your burger kept falling over all this time; you’ve been holding it incorrectly.

Multi-use paper cups

Source: foodbeast

Probably you haven’t been using the paper cups to their full potential!

For the music lovers

Source: youtube

No wonder your earphones kept falling off! They are not to be worn the way you’ve always been wearing them.

Challenging task of laces

Source: lifehacker

Now you know why your shoe lace kept opening even after you tightly secured a knot!

Perfection seekers!

Source: claytonladuerotary

Always want to unfold your trouser and get the perfect crease? Try this fold!

Straw holder intact

Source: wonderhowto

Does your straw pop out of your soda can every time you finish sipping? That’s because you’ve not realised that the can has a straw holder too!

Tripping over cords

Source: stfuchristine.tumblr.com

In case you crib over the extension cords getting unplugged, then here’s a way to secure the grip.

Sandwich maker

Source: buzzfeed

If your sandwich salamis keep falling off, then chances are that you aren’t placing them in properly!

Just switch it on

Source: pinterest

To wash a blender you can simply put some soap and water in the jug and switch it on. Try it, it works!

Microwave wonder trick…

Source: buzzfeed

If you wonder why your food doesn’t heat up properly in the microwave, here’s what you should do.

Freshness intact…

Source: reusenetwork

Tired of left overs? Try resealing the plastic bag for fresh snacks every time!

Tricking the pizza…

Source: sensacionalista

Want a fresh pizza even though it’s from last night? Try this trick!


Now go spread the word on how to use things the way they were meant to be…

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