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10 Things Every Boss Should Take A Chill-Pill For!



The boss is always right! And this is the biggest lie you can ever tell a boss.

There are situations when the boss is shouting, going mad at his employees for several reasons. And like schools, workplace is another place people are scared of.

Terrorizing your employees and making them work at gun point will definitely not going to give you a good turn out. Even if it does, you might be earning good money but no people at all.

The basic thing you need to get from your employee is work and how he does it, can depend on him.

There are various norms in different companies, which are of no connection with the work they are doing. For instance, if you are a technician in an IT firm, how does it matter that wear a t-shirt or a shirt? Or you have a clean shave or over-grown beard for that matter.

So Khurki brings you the every office and boss should take a chill pill for:

Hierarchical Barriers

Communication with the Big Boss of the company is a two-day affair. Either you have to send a mail or follow the hierarchy protocol, including five to six people. This is high time the boss should come out of his corporate shelter and instead of this hide & seek just be available to all his subordinates.

Office Dress Code

Yes, we know a certain level of dignity should be maintained in office, but who decides which dress is appropriate or inappropriate? Giving your employees freedom to wear whatever they want has boosted performance as per reports.

Reaching Office on Time

I know being on time is a good thing. Of course, when there are meetings everybody should be on time. But on regular days, if an employee comes late but completes his work on time what’s the point? Basically, what you want from them is work on time not THEM being on time!

Giving Leave

The biggest issue in every corporate office is getting leave. Why is a one or two-day leave a big issue for the company. Cooperating with your employees, giving them time to relax on weekdays will not shut your company down. At the end of the day, it is not a school but a corporate office where the bunch of adults also have their personal lives.

Break From Work

Going for a break lasting more than 15 minutes in an office in India is a crime, company might lose all its clients if you spend some extra minutes out there!

Using Cell Phone & Social Networks

Use of cell phone is completely prohibited and if you are using your phone in your seat, you are a major culprit of breaking useless office norms. And what’s the harm in social networking? It can be productively used too!

Yaarana Among Colleagues

This is weird, but bosses might not like you being cozy with your colleagues and times even good friendships are taken as a threat to the norms of the corporate world.

Pleasing The Boss’ Wife

You are the man hated by all, and if not hated, at least not loved by anyone. Therefore, people might hit on your wife on sympathy grounds as well.


Not Invited The Boss

Many people plan parties after office hours or during lunch break, where the boss is not invited because of all the love & regard he has for his employees.

Without Any Reason

Yes, many of those working under some Gabbar or Mogambo will understand that the boss might bhadko at you without any reason. For instance take this Knock-Knock joke:

Knock Knock!
Angry Boss: Who the fu$k is trying to invade my privacy, get outta here you dumb ass..get lost!!

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
Humour, creativity, writing, travel, music and non-stop chattering describe me the best!!! Find me on: Facebook |  Twitter

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