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Things You Should Avoid Posting On Social Media!

It is hard to know sometimes how our life has changed until we stop for a moment and look at how different it is from ten years ago. Social media is now a huge part of our lives and has impacted our lives in almost every way possible. In fact, it’s now such a big part of some people’s lives that they make money out of it. These people will pay for followers on their social media platforms to expand their reach and grow their fanbase in the hopes of getting sponsored or monetised. Growth services like Instazood are available for people who want to do this, but you might find instazood not working for you, so you might want to consider an alternative growth service. For those who are sponsored on Instagram, for example, they may have millions of followers to share every detail of their lives with. However, some things should always stay private and up to you. Here’s what you should strictly refrain from posting on social media…

Criticizing your job

Why you want whole world know that you have complaints from your work, unless its your strategy to get kicked off.

Indirect attacks on someone

Have courage to speak things on person’s face, what is this drama for? Your Facebook friends don’t want to see you acting catty.

Gruesome pictures of injuries

Oh no, this is really not a good idea to tell the world that you hurt your foot or hand. Don’t upload pictures filled with blood.

Vague, dramatic one-liners

This is what many of us do. Ok! if you say, “I really hate you” everyone is going to be wondering if they were the one who pissed you off.

Stop posting your problems

Face your problem don’t Facebook them or go to bar like everyone else.

Intense photos with your partner

At least these pictures should stay private unless you want to make other person jealous or insecure.

Drunk party photos

These photos should never be posted on Facebook, since they will come back to haunt you.

Avoid posting vanity pictures

People showing the world that they are enjoying first-class meal actually thrives on fame and fortune, even if they don’t actually have either.

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Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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