These Science Gifs Are Beyond Your Definition Of Cool!


For all our life, we might have considered science as a subject of geeks. For those who ever called science boring were either taught the wrong way or never understood science. These science gifs will definitely change your perspective towards it. These science gifs are a visible proof of how creativity can be seen at its best in a scientific way.

Remember your study days. Going to chemistry labs and coming out if it bored and tired. Well, you really missed something in those days. If this what it can do, then hear me out loud all schools, this is the way science should be taught in schools.

Khurki brings you the best science Gifs you must see:

Putting out candles with carbon dioxide

Magnet falls through a copper pipe

1500 ping pong balls mixed with liquid nitrogen

Hydrogen peroxide mixed with potassium iodide

When mercury reacted with aluminium

Hydrophobic sand placed underwater

This amazing magnetic putty

Earth & Venus orbits around sun makes a pattern

Pine cone opening is something you can keep watching

Non Newtonian fluids are at their best

Watermelon exploded by rubber bands

Finally, this weird thing


And those who are already in love with it, will fall for it even more. But make sure you don’t try any of these without the guidance of an expert.

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