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Did You Know These Celebrities Were Pisceans!


Priya Aurora
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Pisceans are ruled by Neptune. They have traits of all the signs. And thankfully, they got a little of all the good traits of all the other signs. A perfect combo of all things good. We have for you today some famous Piscean celebrities. Have a look!

Aamir Khan – 14th March


We all know about his insistence on perfection and introspective personality.

Alia Bhatt – 15th March


Pisceans are known to follow their heart and carve a new path for themselves.

Shahid Kapoor – 25th February


Shahid is known for thinking out of the box and having loads of creativity.

Shraddha Kapoor – 3rd March


They have a dual nature, don’t go on her docile front. She is equally strong willed.

Abhay Deol – 15th March

Image Source
Image Source

The Piscean men can give the women a run for their money.

Shashi Kapoor – 18th March

shashi kapoor_khurki.net

Pisceans avoid conflict and are most forgiving of all the signs.

Pooja Bhatt –  24th February

uncle chips

Pisceans always get attracted to the fields of art and are naturally gifted.

Bruce Willis – 19th March

Image Source
Image Source

They are happy in all kinds of situations and are most flexible.

Rihanna – 20th February


They have compassion for all around them.


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