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Look At Them, These Celebrities Had Dyslexia!


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All thanks to Taare Zameen Par, common people around the world have got major awareness about dyslexia in the past decade or so. Dyslexia can occur to anybody and you will be surprised to know some of your favourite celebrities have suffered from it too. Have a look at who they are:

Jennifer Aniston

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Image Source

She is best known for her role in the TV series Friends. But the beautiful actress too was never aware that she had dyslexia, till she was in her twenties. She admitted to have suffered due to it in school and in her childhood.

Steven Spielberg

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This movie maestro too has suffered form this disease and he got to know of it only in his sixties. He was bullied in school for it and even had to drop out of college because of it.

Whoopi Goldberg

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She was called stupid when she was young and she found out the reason of her suffering only after she decided to drop out of school. But that did not stop her from reaching for the sky.

Henry Winkler

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We all adore him for his role of ‘The Fonz’, which he played in the series Happy Days. He had trouble reading scripts and learnt to live with the disease with a positive attitude.

Muhammad Ali

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The legend of boxing could deliver a solid punch, but had trouble reading all his life. This was the only arena where he did not win. His wife admitted that dyslexia was something he struggled with continuously.

Richard Branson

Ricahrd Branson

When Branson was in school, the head of his institution made a prediction. He would either end up at the bottom or a millionaire. Well, he proved him wrong and became a billionaire. He did not let the disease to come in his way of success.

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