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Watch This Confident Woman Thief Steal A Phone!


Devashish Vaid
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Phones have become a basic necessity of life. But does that mean you will steal one to fulfil your need? I’m sure a lot of people out there would, but not if they knew they were going to get caught. However, by taking a look at some home security camera deals, you could be able to find a product that prevents any of your prize possessions from being pinched.

This lady in the video is the most confident thief caught on CCTV camera as very cleverly she stole a smart phone from a shop. She can be seen holding the phone in her hand all the time & even when the shopkeeper comes to his shop, the phone is in her hands only. Then, very smartly she puts her shopping bag or stealing bag on the counter and puts the box inside.

Poor fellow, he had no idea that the phone he was looking for, as it seems from the footage, was in the hands of the lady in front of him.


Thanks to technology, the face of the lady is very clear. Although its authenticity will have to be verified by Video Forensic Experts, this CCTV proves that she is guilty of stealing. Though we don’t know the story her committing such an act, nothing can justify the crime. She should have used her brain before shoplifting and thought about her family. No matter how costly it was, the act of stealing the phone was not worth it at all.


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