The 33 Trailer Shows Antonio Banderas As A Dirt-Covered Miner


The 33 Trailer!

It was the 2010 rescue mission that captivated the world when 33 Chilean workers got trapped in a mine for 69 days. These 33 men endured 100 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures with little food and water in the San Jose copper and gold mine.

Based on Hector Tobar’s book “Deep Down Dark” on the harrowing experience these 33 men underwent, Patricia Riggen has made The 33. The movie stars Antonio Banderas besides Rodrigo Santoro, Cote de Pablo, Juliette Binoche and Lou Diamond Phillips. The screenplay has been written by José Rivera.

In The 33 trailer, which is a suspense-filled film, 54-year-old Banderas is shown covered in sweat and dirt as he delivers the line: ‘That’s not a rock, that’s the heart of the mountain. She finally broke’.

I certainly am looking forward to this one!

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