These Dad & Daughter Text Fails Just Cannot Be Explained!


Accidental texting or drunk texting are the two most dangerous sins the modern humanity is afraid of. You literally let out the worst of you in front of somebody like your DAD via text fails!!

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We came across few screenshots, which are deadly not only for you but for those who are caught. What’s the worst that can happen? You might send a sext to your dad? Really? For the love of earth, what can be worst than this?

But there are a few survivors who survived those moment of struggle. You don’t understand the level of embarrassment you will be facing. But for those who are not involved in those screen shots, this is yet another laugh riot. Enjoy the most weird text fails ever!

The worst ever shock given!!

For the sake of hunger..forgive thy child

When auto correct is all decided to f**k you

When dad was horny

When the inventor of SMS was cursed

Drunk dad, is the real dad

Red Handed!

That must have hurt bad…

Now that’s the weirdest deal ever

Aakhir “Moth” Ko Kaun Rok Sakta Hai?

8====D -estroyed!!

The feminist Dad!

Oh    oh     ohhhhhhhh shittt!!

That was hard!

Annoying your dad be like..

DAD of all dad and daughter text fails!!

We have not created any fraud screen shots. If not us, then who did? OMFG what if nobody did it. And these people for real??

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