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Ten Reasons Why You Are Absolutely In Love With Maggi!!!!

In a land where the word ‘Maggi’ is synonymous with any and every kind of noodles, it’s only fair for it to have staunch followers.

It is a snack most loved by everyone, but there are some who take this love to another level. Be it cooked, or even uncooked, they wouldn’t mind it if the only thing left in the world is them and their beloved Maggi.

Running late for work? Too lazy to cook? Not enough money to go out and eat? Well, you needn’t worry as this 2 minute noodles is an answer to all those questions. It’s reliable and something that everyone in India loves to eat! Here are 10 reasons why Maggi is and will always remain the best comfort food!

If you fit the description, you’ll nod along to the following:

1. You have tried all the flavors of Maggi, still all-time favorite is the plain one

plain maggi

2. You can have it at any time, 2 AM or 2 PM who cares!!!


3. You know that eating Maggi is never complete if you haven’t licked the plate clean…slurrpp slurrpp!



4. Maggi without extra masala “Masala-A-Magic” is just too boring

extra masala

5. You don’t need to go to the kitchen to cook it. All you need is a kettle



6. You can share everything but when it comes to your plate of Maggi, you just wouldn’t do it


7. Feeling down-and-out? This 2 minute noodles is the magic mood uplifter…

mood maggi

8. It may be overcooked, soupy or even under cooked, you can have it anyway

spupy maggi

9. It is the proven national food of the hostellers

hostel maggi

10. You never bothered that the cooking time was never 2-minutes as claimed



How many nods did we get? Please share with us in the comment box below…

Team Khurki
Team Khurki
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