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And You Thought Shimla Was All Snow…Some Must-Visit Temples!


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Shimla offers you an array of temples dedicated to different Gods and Goddesses. Many of you would not know that Shimla has been named after Goddess Shyamala, who is an incarnation of Goddess Kali.

The people are simple and they believe in leading a life of contentment. They are very strongly religious and for the same reason you will find some very fascinating temples, in and around Shimla.

Jakhu Temple

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It is one of the oldest temples in Shimla. It is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Here, you will find the tallest statue of Hanuman ji, right at the hilltop. He seems to be overlooking the city and protecting it. Be wary of the monkeys when you go here.

Sankat Mochan Temple

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Another Hanuman Temple, whch is situated at the entrance to Shimla city. The temple dates back to 1950 and is highly revered by one and all. The first thing that you will notice here is the peace and tranquility.

Kali Bari Temple

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The Kali Bari Temple dates back to 1845. It is the temple of the Goddess Shyamala. It is located at one end of the Mall road and should be on every travelers must-visit list. The temple sees many Bengali devotees in the Durga pooja here.

Taradevi Temple

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The temple is located on the top of a hill, at a distance of twelve kilometers from Shimla. Devotees can either trek up to the temple or drive up to it. Many people have faith in the Goddess to fulfill their wishes. Some of the best views of sunrise and sunset can be had from here.

Dhingu Maa Temple

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On the other end of the city in Sanjauli you will find Dhingu Maa Temple. The views from this temple are to be seen to be believed. The temple attracts many devotees from all over the state.

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