This Is What Happens When You Tell A Stranger She Is Beautiful!


Who doesn’t love compliments? And when they come from strangers, well who would mind. Those who have received a lot of compliments would know very well how it feels. Telling a random girl “she is beautiful” can definitely make her day. Make sure you don’t sound lusty or teasing if you wanna try this out for yourself. Manners are, of course, needed and you have to make sure you don’t go cheesy.

She is beautiful

But with this simple practice, you can make anyone feel happy about themselves. Sometimes a long tiring day and upset mood needs more than just a cup of coffee or a smoke. But a genuine and decent compliment can definitely make you feel better about yourself and rejuvenate your mood. That’s exactly what AVRprankTV just did in this video.

This is what happens when you tell a stranger that “She is Beautiful”!

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