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Get Ready For Your First Date With Some Do’s & Don’ts!

When it is about the first date, there’s nothing more special.

There will be a day when you will get married and even that won’t make you as excited and nervous like your first date. Love is young and when you are in your teens, love is something beyond our intelligence, logic and our sense of society.
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That’s the time when the heart is indeed young. With hardly any experience of mature love, heartbreaks, relationship issues, you simply fall in love with a virgin heart.

But when the time comes to plan your first date, all you get are stupid ideas from your friends. Taking an advise is always risky, as you cant’t be sure of the ones who are making these suggeestions.

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Worry not, we are here to give your first date the touch of experience. Just follow these simple do’s and don’ts for your special day:

For your first date, simply relax my buoy!

Women are good at reading body language. If you are nervous or fidgety, it will make her nervous too. Try and relax. Take a deep breath.

Don’t forget manners – Hold doors, pull chairs!

Chivalry is what women love the most and is the easiest way to impress a girl!

Topics to avoid – R.A.P.E which stands for Religion, Abortion, Politics and Economics

Control the Arnab Goswami within you from coming out!

Topics to talk about – F.O.R.D – Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams

Making her feel that you can make her dreams come true is the best thing you can do on you first date!

Find a common ground – Movies, music

Plain, simple, honest talk is every girl’s choice!

Listen more than you talk. Be genuinely interested in what she has to do

Try to discover her. At the same time, don’t make it sound like a job interview. Share a few stories. Listen to her stories.

Try to be charming and funny. Don’t think of anything beyond the date…

Don’t think of a future relationship, kissing or sex. Believe me, it will only make you more nervous and you will screw it up.

If she agreed to go on a date with you, it means you have some quality that she liked

Just don’t forget, the stud-bud is all grown and for this special day!

Look in the mirror twice before leaving

If you feel good about yourself, it will automatically make you more confident.

The kiss rule to be followed!

If you get a chance to kiss her at the end of the date, then do remember the Hitch’s 90-10 rule.

Don’t text her immediately. Show some restrain, wait for a day or two at least

What If

Irrespective of how the date goes by, don’t text/call her 10-15 mins later with something like “I miss you already” or ” I love you” or “Be mine forever and ever”.

Also don’t be yourself. Be your best self…

Above all, have fun.

What is the worst that will happen? She doesn’t like you or you don’t like her. Big deal! There are more women out there!

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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