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7 Reasons Why Teenage Relationships Are The Best!

Being in a relationship is a boon, especially when you are a teenager. That’s the age when your hormones are at play, Zoop Zarp. The one game that you simply don’t understand. There are times when you feel like kissing and cuddling all day. And suddenly, the mode swings to touch-me-not setting. This is the age when you think nobody understands you and then you find somebody of the same age who you think understands you, not realizing both are equally complex and stupid. But who cares, at least they do understand you. And there are several more reasons why teenage relationships are the best!

You know them more than themselves


When you have dated a person from the time of puberty, you know everything about them because you have been around them since they were undergoing the growing up changes.

Understand you more than anyone else


No matter what happens, the person who understands you the most is your partner. This person is capable of understanding all the possible reasons behind your actions and sudden changes in behaviour.

Have seen your best and worst


Having been with a person for a long time makes them see everything you hold deep in your heart. Something that you wouldn’t be happy to show anyone else. But, unfortunately that person has already seen it because he/she was around you when you were learning how to hide it.

They are kind of a family


There are times when you can’t stand what’s happening around you. Times when you just want to be home with your family but you can’t. So, the only reliable person is your partner because they know you just as good as your family.

No matter what, they are always there


You will have lots of people around you in your good times, but it is hard to find people when you are going through a low tide. But, your bright spot will be that one person who wouldn’t leave you no matter what.

He/she can act as your support system


Everyone needs someone by their side to support them in their worst and their best times. But, it would be incorrect to expect it all the time. Here’s one person you an expect to be there anytime and all the time.

He/she can take all your teenage drama


No matter how much we say that we hate drama and don’t like to create it, it does come in situations. And, don’t expect this drama to remain restricted to girls only – boys also create a lot of it. Not everyone can take that drama but someone who is close to you for a long time knows how to do it.

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