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Teen girl body-shamed by schoolmates, but there’s another angle…


It is common where your mates make fun of you, but at times we as kids don’t realise when we cross the line. There is a thin line between fun-insult-bullying, few kids don’t even realize the fact that they are horribly wrong. Your joke can ruin somebody’s confidence for life.

That’s exactly happened to Bailey a high school student who was body shamed for her dress. She went to school wearing a dress, but she was trolled badly. Like seriously? This is worrying because these high are the future generation. But why just blames kids? There are many adults out there who are racist, sexist etc.

This was her dress that made everyone bully her: 

Somebody gave lame try of being funny by posting a snap-chat story of her legs! This is simply ridiculous. 

Bailey felt so bad about her self that she texted to her mother this: 

Sometimes humiliation can give you scars for life, somebody else’s joke can be a life ruining experience for other. Having a sense of humor is great, but not greater than having a sense of empathy.

BUT BUT BUT, here the victim was accused of being racist, another angle of the story. Obviously what happened with Bailey was wrong but she is also accused of being racist.

Being racist to a racist won’t solve the problem. It will make even grave. Two wrongs don’t make a right! NEVER.




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