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Teddy Day Is Here. What’s Your Girl Type?



Teddy is a girl’s cute, sweet, warm to cuddle and all-time favourite friend. And with today’s Teddy Day, all the guys must be confused which one is the best teddy to express their love. A pinky one? Or a brownish one? Relax, KHURKI got the perfect solution for your confusion. Every girl is different, but there are typical girlfriend groups that they belong to? Cool ones, hot ones, stylish ones… the list can be endless. KHURKI has categorised them into four typical girlfriend types. Scroll down and have a look which is best for your girl.

Too girly

teddy day
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They have too much pink in their life. From their socks to their bags, every other thing is ‘pink’. Not only this, even their room decor is pink and they are never seen without a pink outfit on. So for them just don’t go anywhere else and pick a nice pinky large size teddy bear for them to add more pink to their life for this Valentine.

Childish girls

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They are high-pitched, having childlike laughter and always full of energy. These girls never grow up entirely. They will sleep with their teddy bears all their lives. So, for them, you really need to get stuff of their taste only as you know they are still a baby girl.

Tomboy girls

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Girls who acts like boys (khaunga, piyunga and all), who prefer boys outfits more (caps, cargo pants, shirts, shorts) and are physically active, all their interests lie in boys things like sports, playing cards. For them, pink and cute ones won’t work. You really need to get some boyish stuff only.

Stylish girls

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She really knows what suits her best and has a style statement of her own. She likes wearing high heels, does her hair up nicely, wears a lot of makeup, does her nails, loves jewellery, usually not into sports and reads fashion magazines a lot. So, get some stylish stuff for them.

Simple girls

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They are very simple, innocent and sophisticated ones. Not too choosy for anything in their life. So for them don’t take any sort of tension and give a nice big size teddy.


Yes girls can be categorized into types and you just have to find the right category your girlfriend will fall under to give her the right bear and make her happy on this teddy day. Hope this will really help to decide which is best for you girl on this teddy day and to bring a cute smile on their face. Happy Teddy Day!

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Aanya Manchanda
Aanya Manchanda
Strong yet sensitive, loving and giving yet not expecting, being there yet not imposing, ambitious yet grounded, determined yet subtle!

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