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8 Fond School Time Memories Of Being Punished By Teachers!


Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!

Let’s go down the memory lane today and recall the good memories we have from your school days. All of us have experienced the most dreaded thing in school – PUNISHMENT. At times, it made us cry and at others it made us laugh.

“I want to meet your Mom in the office tomorrow and come prepared with an explanation” sounds familiar!!

Oh yes! We have heard such statements a lot many times and we just hate it. Most scariest dream ever during our schools was punishment. Worst, nobody in this world can match up to our school teachers in devising new techniques to punish.

Get ready to go through that worst part of school life again because we are going to recall the numerous ways in which our teachers used to punish us:

Right across the face…..slap

Every student experienced this one. One big hit and you are left in tears.


2. Kneel down 

Till the knees hurt so much that walking was quite a Herculean task later on. Shifting between the two knees also didn’t help much!



This seemed to be every teacher’s most favourite punishment and many of whom grew up to implement this in their respective professions. Worst was when the ‘Murga’ was made to stand outside the classroom for all the other students to see and snigger.

Murga Position

Visit to the Principal’s office

The world seemed to come to an end once you were summoned to the principal’s office. That fear of being asked to call your parents could have caused many a hearts to stop beating.

Principal Punishment

Rap with the wooden scale 

This was more of a fun-filled experience than a punishment. The fact that usually this was for the entire class added the fun part to it. One would occasionally try and pull one’s hand from under the rap and any successful attempt would be met with cheers from classmates.


Get out of my class

No one can forget these words. Best punishment ever. One could easily roam outside and the teacher hardly noticed. Loved it. Actually, waited to be thrown out of the class!

Get out from my class

Summoning of parents

Extreme form of punishment ever! Facing your parents in front of the teacher was and is a child’s worst nightmare.


Grounding, made popular by Archie’s comics

Teachers think the best way to punish a child is to impose restrictions on them like standing in the class with their hands up or standing behind the class, or staying back in the class during break time. This was done to make the students realize their mistake and act responsibly in future. Whatever!


Public humiliation

Imagine being punished in front of your best friend. Punishments like standing outside the Principal’s office or outside the assembly line or outside the playground – one went numb with shame.



Catch some reel time school punishment:

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