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Time To Go Tea Shopping This Winter!

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A hot cup of tea can revive our senses and make your day a little more special. Tea lovers all over the world, vouch for its calming properties and the ability to relax your senses. It definitely gives you a warm feeling all over.

But did you know that in the last two decades tea connoisseurs have taken the simple task of drinking tea to a whole new level. You can now choose from a large number of varieties, flavour and unique smelling teas.

Next time you want to pamper yourself, pick one from our list, and surprise yourself. And mind you, some of these brews have been around for centuries.

1. Lady Grey

This can be classified in the same category as Earl Grey, but it also gives you a hint of lemons and oranges. Just add some cream and sugar to it.

2. English Breakfast

This is a classic which also happens to be the favorite of so many of us. Try it someday with sugar and cream and on other days just black. It is best enjoyed after a heavy breakfast of sausages and eggs.

3. Earl Grey

The name comes from the Second Earl Grey who was gifted this tea. This tea is best had black, in order to smell the bergamot in it. Worth a try!

4. Irish Breakfast

This is best had with a dash of milk and some sugar. This cup of tea is rich in caffeine and will set your day off to a great start.

5. China Oolong

This tea is a hybrid of the green and black tea. It has an impressive red colour and can be had at any time of the day. Add some milk to it for sure.

6. Green Tea

The whole world is raving about green tea. It has many advantages and is great for people looking to shed a few kilos. Try and have it straight up, without any milk or sugar.

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