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Tattoo Artists Secretly Wish You Knew These Facts Before Approaching Them



Tattoo artists are creative geniuses in their own league. Tattoos have invaded our households and our bodies.

They have been around since time immemorial. Remember our grandparents having each other’s names or religious symbols on their hands or forearms.

At Khurki, we think it is time that we started treating these wonderful artists who choose to leave their creation on our body, with some respect. After all we walk off with their art never to be seen again.

When people with tattoos have become as common as cars on the road, it is high time we laid a down a protocol to treat Tattoo artists with respect too.

Remember there is no price for art!

1. Respect a decent artist when you meet one

Tattoo Artist

The choice is yours, investment in a decent artist or pick any tom, dick and harry from a ‘tattoo shop’.

2. Try not to be a dickhead

If the tattoo artist chooses to, he can be a bigger nerd than you. Just because you saw back-to-back episodes of L.A. Ink, you are not an expert on the business. Spare yourself and the artist, BE NICE.

3. Please do not go in drunk or high on anything
Tattoo Artist

It is the worst ting you can do to your body and to the artist. Believe us when we say that a tattoo artist can spot a drunkard from a mile. While we are on the subject, please take a bath before you go under the needle. This applies to the artist too.

4. Please go in with some idea of what you want

The possibilities are endless, so please don’t waste your time and his. Be smart and check the porkchop sheets a day before. “I want a tattoo…………. ” Is the world’s most infamous open statement.

5. Have complete trust in your artist
Tattoo artist

If he says it can’t be done or needs alteration, trust him. He has years of experience to fall back on. But if you don’t get a good vibe,  trust your gut, and speak up.

6. Do your homework
Tattoo Artists

Most people have a very vague idea and have no clue about the process. If you are allergic to certain dyes it is your duty to inform the artist. He obviously can’t dream of it.

7. Cheap tattoos are never good and good tattoos are not cheap
Tattoo Artist

Will you go to a cheap lawyer or a shady dentist?  Tattoos are an investment for life, always make an informed decision. After all, you are allowing a stranger to touch your body and change it for life.

8. Don’t be reluctant to tip

If you dote an artist, show your appreciation by giving him a warm hug and leaving him a big tip. They might not admit it, but secretly, they love it.

Now shut up and bleed!

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire. Can be reached at: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail me

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