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Take Your Pick, Which Sex And The City Girl Are You?

Sex And The City has been the soul food for so many of us. Secretly, we all have identified with one of the characters and wished to have friends and a life like them.

We all have a little bit of the SATC girls inside us. But which one?

We have loved Carrie’s shoes!

Charlotte’s innocence!

Miranda’s intelligence!

Samantha’s hotness!

We dare you to take a pick and come out with it in public. Tell us who you are. Of course, we are giving you the cues:

1. Fashionable Carrie Bradshaw

We swear by her fashion ethics. How can somebody wear mismatching clothes and look so high street? If you only step out in Chanel No. 5, a BB cream from Clinique is always in your purse and you only listen to Taylor Swift. Your skin is always glowing and you look like a queen. And you love shoes and have a special room dedicated to store them! You always have humour and sarcasm up your sleeve!

carrie bradshaw



carrie bradshaw1

If you fill this criteria – You are CARRIE!

2. Effervescent Samantha Jones

Samantha can put any 16-year-old to shame. We love her guts and the sexism that oozes out every cell in her body. If variety is the spice of your life, you drop boyfriends every fortnight and are confident like Kareena Kapoor.

samantha jones samantha jones1


If you flaunt your body and your success, then you my friend are SAMANTHA!

3. Girly Charlotte York

We love Charlotte for her cuteness and her pearls. Her imagination of the perfect world and her infectious smile. If you qualify for the trophy for the ‘good girl’, then you are our ideal candidate. Your chiffon blouses and your straight skirts make men drool over you.



charlotte york charlotte york1

If you jog in your yoga pants, with a lipstick at 6 am, you definitely are CHARLOTTE! Alrighty!

4. Suave Miranda Hobbes

Miranda is the reality check in the group. But, beneath the cold exterior is a warm heart that longs to be loved. Her red hair made us swoon so many times. If you catch up with your girlfriends no matter what. And, you are a bitch at work.

miranda hobbes

miranda hobbes1

If your friends rely on you for the best advise you fit the bill of being MIRANDA!

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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