Taher Shah’s Song Angel Is Good, But Janta’s Reactions Are So ROTFL!


The internet is flooded with trolls and jokes made on Taher Shah for his new track Angel. Which definitely sounds to us all like “Aengel”. Taher Shah who plays the angel of brinjal world is trying his/her best to make sense. But the song, don’t know why, just sticks in your mind like a virus. No wonders then that there are over 2 lakh views to the video within a matter of hours…

Taher Shah, who earlier got fame (read insulted by masses) for his previous video song Eye To Eye.

And what’s more hilarious is the reaction to this audio attack, which few are calling a song.

Angel Taher Shah Angel Taher Shah2

And here is troll level Sir Jadeja…

Some others…

Twinkle, the Mrs Funny Bones at her best…


And what we think is…

World Threat Meme



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