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First woman to travel every single nation on the planet earth!

Okay, so she might act as an inspiration for you, or may be you can envy her, but hate her or love her you...

Do You Know Indian Youth Can Redirect Missiles?

Youth, the young blood, is considered the young energy of the nation. But everything can go for a toss if this young energy is not channelized...

Meet The Most Poisonous Snakes Of India!

In the dense and mysterious forests of India, you will find some of the most poisonous snakes in the world. In India, you will...

Life As We Know It: A Moment With My God!

Standing outside a temple in south India, I realised that religion is not a compulsion for a common man but a string to hold...

Life As We Know It: Of Nature And Life’s Pace?

Life is as we want to see it. Some flowers would be just normal looking hanging proudly on their branches & some will bring...

Life As We Know It: Relationship With Nature!

To all my friends who have felt pain in relations and decided to turn cold to love, I urge you my friend to start a new...

Few Bizarre Sexual Practices From Around The World!

Don't try them at home!!!

Things That Personify Generation Gap: Pluto Is Not A Planet, Silly!

From geography to technology to fashion to food stuff, things have changed so drastically over the last few decades.

10 Quotes That Prove Osho Was Not Just About ‘Sex’

Bhagwan Rajneesh, Chandra Mohan or Osho - the latter being as he is most popularly known. I have met many people who associate Osho only...

Watch Live Cremation Experience At Shanghai’s Theme Park

Ever wondered what it feels like to be cremated? This new Chinese game will help quell your curiosity. Watch: https://youtu.be/gZyBkvEUTNQ Aptly named ‘Samadi — 4D Experience of Death’,...

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