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plastic surgery

Living With A Transgender Kid? Read For Sure…

I had a friend who was actually confused about her life all the time...she was born a girl with a penis...and that's why many...

The Worst Booty Implants Of All-Time!

Save Your Butt!!!

This Woman Has The Biggest Lips In The World

Kristina Rei has had at least 100 lip injections...

‘Human Ken’ Dies Of Cancer At 20, Spent £ 50,000 On Surgery

Human Ken is no more..!! A 20-year-old Brazilian man who shot to fame after spending £50,000 on surgery to transform himself into a human version...

Kylie Jenner denies going under the knife

Though accusations of  plastic surgery are continuously hurled at Kylie, she insists that it is a simple make-up trick that makes her lips look...

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