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Questions Girls Always Wanted To Ask Guys!

What are the kind of posers guys could be made to handle?

Watch Girls React To Real Sex Toys On Mumbai Streets

Won't be surprised by the reactions!

Women Can Do Some Crazy Things Too!

Come on women!!

Reasons Why Girls Are Better Than Boys! No Discussion Needed!

Any dissent with the opinion expressed is most welcome...

Typical Characteristics Of Punjabi Girls Be Like!

We like you already!!!

What Do Guys Fantasise Their Girls To Be Wearing? Nothing, Is One Of The Answers!

Thoughts expressed are from a guy's perspective...

Some Irritating Habits Girls Need To Stop !!

Girls can be irritating! Being one myself, I can say this with all the objectivity possible. A lot of observation, questioning and poking around has gone...

Punjabi Girls Dancing In The Car – Just Superb!

What happens when three hot Punjabi babes go crazy while playing some rocking Punjabi music....?? You gotta check out this video to know how it...

Things That Men Do, Which Make Us Love Them Even More!!

Men can sometimes do those small things that will steal your heart for sure. Most couples is a serious relationship will totally agree to...

Things That Women Think About 100 Times But Men Just Don’t!

Yes, I know what gender sensitization is all about, but these are facts of our society. Man-vs-woman is the oldest war known to the human...

Why Do Good Guys Fall For Bad Girls?

Wonder Why Do Good Guys Fall For Those Bad Girls aka Bitches? Every time you date a girl, you either feel she’s got this attitude problem...


A four-year-old- girl was found raped and murdered in Chandigarh on Saturday morning at colony number 4. The minor had been missing since Friday evening,...

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