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Chennai Kishkinta Park Mishap Will Give You The Chills!

Around 20 workers of Kishkinta amusement park undertook the trial of a mega ride. The ride was one of the major attractions of park and was...

Akshay Kumar To Make His Tamil Debut in Enthiran 2!

Akshay plays negative role, eh!

On B’day, One Liners Of Rajinikanth Will Give Laugh Aches!

The biggest superstar India has ever seen is Rajinikanth. The man needs no introduction, but at times introduction would need him. Well, all those who...

Meet PM Modi Photoshop Version In Flood-Hit Chennai!

What was the need Mr PM?

Khurki Gives You 14 Reasons To Visit Chennai This Year!

Add it to your bucket list...

Cha Republic Slammed For Charging For Ice-Cubes In Emergency Situation

The power of social media is for one to use. Just last week, someone used the Facebook for busting Flipkart for malpractices. Yesterday, one Krish...

J Jayalalithaa will finally step out of her Poes Garden residence in Chennai at exactly 1.28 this afternoon and will drive to the Raj...

Watch How A Simple Thing Like Mom’s Food Became An Emotional High

Brilliance at work is how this can be best explained! Two very emotional mothers get in touch with each other through a 'Mothers Exchange Programme' discuss their...

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