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Break ups

Thinking Of A New Relationship? Consider These Things First!

Relationships make a big part of our life. Committing to take care of the other person can be very difficult if you jump into a relationship...

Meeting Your Ex After Years? Khurki Tells You What To Do…

It might have been a couple of years since you guys broke up with each other and a lot must have changed in those years, but still there...

Reasons Why Your Ex May Still Like You!

At times ex-es can never be that!

Sad Celebrity Break-Ups Of 2015!

We hope these people find love...

Reasons Why Marriage Is Not A Choice Anymore!

I don't want to get married!

Checkpoint: How Jealousy Is Killing You Softly!

Stay away from this relationship destroyer...

Reasons Why Career Is Killing Your Relationship!

Khurki so wants reason No. 4 handled immediately...

Planning To Break Up? Khurki Advises: Do It Gently.

Can you actually break up nicely ever? Break-ups can be hard and complicated. And if the man is getting dumped, it has to be as...

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