Sweets You Must Eat In The Diwali Week!


Now that you are free from distributing gifts and lighting candles, it is time to relax and hog on the boxes of sweets that are smiling at you from the table. And if you don’t like readymade sweets, then try making any traditional sweet from our list.

Diwali is that time of the year when you can have sweets without feeling guilty. And India sure has a lot of variety when it comes to sweets.

Choose from any of these delicacies, or we say have each of one.

1. Rasgullas


No Diwali can be complete without having these balls of heaven. They are made from cottage cheese and then dropped in sugar syrup. And did you know, Rasgullas are originally from Orissa.

2. Gajar ka halwa

gajar ka halwa-khurki.net

This can be prepared at home and is a must in every North Indian household. All you need to do is grate carrots, and cook them with milk at low heat. Gajar ka Halwa surely makes any Diwali memorable.

3. Holige or Obbattu


This is a famous dish from Karnataka. It consists of a flat bread or roti, with a coconut stuffing inside it. You can vary the stuffing according to your choice. Most moms add a pinch of turmeric to give it a royal look.

4. Anjeer Cutlet

Anjeer Cutlet-khurki.net

If you haven’t eaten this, then you really are a waste on this planet. This a dish made with cashew nuts and anjeer. And it tastes best when made at home. Surprise your grandparents by making it yourself.

5. Adhirasam


This dish is originally from South India and is made from rice flour, butter and jaggery. If you make it correct, nothing in the world can beat its taste.

6. Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak-khurki.net

Again a favourite from Karnataka that had to feature on this list. This dish originated in the royal palaces of Mysore. Made from dal flour, you need to be generous with ghee if you want it to taste out of the world.

7. Gujia


This is a famous dish from Rajasthan and is an absolute favourite of so many of us. It is dumpling made from wheat flour with a stuffing of dry fruits and khoya.

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