Signs You Have A Superiority Complex, The Less Talked-About Disorder

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A superiority complex is a psychological defense mechanism term coined by Alfred Alder. Somewhere in life we all develop this form of defense mechanism in a very minor form. But there are people who might be suffering chronically, and have no idea about it. Superiority complex also in a way compensates the inferiority complex in a person. Alfred was also of the view that a person with superiority complex may use it as a method of escape from his inferiority complex.

Though this claim of Alfred is often challenged by modern psychologists. As they are of the belief that an individual cannot have both the problems. No matter what the topic is, in psychology it will always have different schools of thoughts and arguments. But here we are with something almost everybody agrees upon.

These are the symptoms of person with superiority complex:


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This is the first trait of person with a superiority complex, they have this quality of being arrogantly superior and disdainful. They tend to find others below the imaginary level they think they are on.

They are always right, you are always wrong.

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And the most obvious one, situation, argument, logic, nothing matter when they think they are right. And if they are unable to prove their right, they will definitely prove you wrong. They always look down upon everything that someone else does or is someone else’s opinion.

You don’t agree with them, they will write you off as idiot

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Now this is again a habit of persons with a superiority complex. They might end up thinking that you were are nothing but an idiot.

Lack of empathy

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To feel the pain and problem of others you need certain level calm and compose in life. People who have this complex end being cold heart. For them it is difficult to even consider others empathy is a far away thing.

Tendency to brag

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You will always find them bragging about something or other about themselves or the things they own. These are the people who don’t always think beyond things and brag about it all.


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They are a big time interrupters, and they think it is always their right to get into a conversation. They understand the subject or not, it doesn’t matter they will always have a opinion.


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People with this order often develop anxiety issues with various things. It is always a conflict between their true self and the projected image. It is always difficult for them to manage between the two personalities. And this struggle intensifies the issue further.

Mood Swings

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With so much of problems, issues and overthinking they end up exaggerating each and every experience. All these infinite thoughts gives them a intense mood swings problem. As they keep on juggling with emotions, overthinking, judgement et al.


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