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Sunny Leone Pregnant? She Hopes To Be!

Such reports have been doing the rounds ever since Sunny Leone arrived on the Bollywood scene! And, needless to say she has been denying the rumours.

This Indo-Canadian porn star wants to get pregnant, but not now. She has rubbished all such reports and admitted that all this was a complete hoax. She believes that just like every woman, even she would like to have babies some day with her husband Daniel Weber. But not any soon, as the 34-year-old is now focused on her career in Bollywood.

“It is not happening right now at all. Naturally, I am a woman and would love to have a family but in the future, not right now. I am not going to have a baby anytime too soon,” the Mastizaade actor told reporters at the 11th Guild Awards.

Well for those who think a baby is what Sunny is looking for might be a little saddened.

Earlier, in an interview in 2013, Leone had admitted to her husband going through what she called the ‘baby fever’ back then. She had said, “My husband has baby fever right now. I keep saying, ‘Hold on, tiger.’ He wants a baby so bad. All my friends are pregnant and I don’t know what is happening this year. I want a baby sooner than later, but I also believe that I must hold on to this moment in my life as it will not repeat itself.”

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