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Wanderlust: Off-Beat Destinations Within 200-Kms Of Chandigarh

For the ensuing summer holidays, just drop Shimla from your holiday list and on second thoughts, drop Kullu and Manali too.

Well, if you are thinking we are out of our minds to be suggesting something so preposterous, well we have the solution too! We have shortlisted some very exciting, off-the-beaten track destinations for you, your friends and your family too that fall within 200 kms of Chandigarh.

1. Mandi – 195 km

Five off-beat destinations near Chandigarh

You must have crossed it on your way to Manali. This summer, stop over for a few days. Check out the Rewalsar Lake, Chauntra valley and a host of other temples and well-known monasteries. The trip is incomplete without seeking blessings at the Rewalsar Sahab and the Bir Monastery.

2. Kalsi – 146km

Located in the state of Uttaranchal. It has the most amazing oak and pine forests for camping and a walk in serenity. Also keep on your must-see list: Timli Pass, Ashokan Rock Edict, Katta Pathar and Dak Pathar.

3. Chakrata – 189km

Located in the state of Uttaranchal. Show your children the Kharamba peak, the highest peak in the Chakrata range, at a height of 10,000 feet above sea level. Nature lovers, you are sure to thank us for this tip. While there, do visit the Tiger Falls and the Tal Horticultural Garden.

4. Karnal – 124km

History lovers will go in frenzy here. You get to choose from visiting the Kalandar Shah’s tomb, or the Babar Masjid and the Kos Minar. For those religiously inclined, plan a visit on Thursday and visit the Pukka Pul, where special prayers are held every Thursday.

5. Chindi – 190 km

Located in Himachal Pradesh, it is the best-kept secret of the state. The place is close to Tattapani and Karsog. You can plan quite nature trails here and visit some of the oldest temples in the state.

So, these holidays, experience what’s closer to you!



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