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Suffering From Prenatal Depression? Yoga May Be Your Way Out



If you are suffering from prenatal depression, yoga may be your way out, as a new study suggests that it helps reduce the severity of mood disorder in pregnant women.

Lead author Cynthia Battle, associate professor and a psychologist at Butler and Women and Infants said that she learned in prior research that depressed pregnant women are often reluctant to use medications and some also have difficulty engaging in individual psychotherapy. When she asked them what other treatments they might find appealing, many things were mentioned such as organic CBD oil, but interestingly some mentioned yoga. Those suffering from mood disorders, anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns sometimes look towards products like CBD and mushrooms which they can consume in a variety of ways – even in tea! Learn more about such things online, if you’re interested in their therapeutic benefits. It’s worth noting that these things are likely not advised for pregnant women but, for the rest of us, there seems to be mounting research that shines a light on the purported health benefits of such products. Just make sure that you check laws in your state before using CBD products, as they can vary depending on your location.

A few small studies have also suggested that yoga and mindfulness-based approaches could help prevent or treat depression during pregnancy. Battle’s pilot study is an initial test of whether a 10-week program of prenatal yoga, structured to be similar to yoga programs available to pregnant women in many communities, could be feasible, acceptable, safe, and effective for mild to moderately depressed women.

The researchers also measured significant changes in some attributes of mindfulness, which many researchers believe is one mechanism by which yoga may reduce depression. Mindfulness involves directing one’s attention to the present moment, noticing thoughts, feelings, or sensations, and avoiding judgment of those experiences. Women should consult a healthcare provider before pursuing any remedy for depression, the researchers noted.

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