Street Food That Your Gym Trainer Will Never Let You Eat!


So you have just joined a gym and have already got a list of foods that you cannot and MUST NOT eat.

But are you really going to listen to your gym instructor when you see a panipuri wala on the street or when the bhelpuri man comes home?

How can I resist ya!

1. PaniPuri/Golgappas

You can call them panipuri, puchka or gup chup. They are the most mouth watering delights you will find on the streets.

2. The Chaat Factory

Hog on dahibhalla, aloochaat, samosa chaat, taka tak, tikki-chana….the list is endless.

3. Kolkata Rolls

There is nothing more heavenly than a kathi roll from the streets of Kolkata. The layer of egg, the well-cooked chicken beckons you to eat it.

4. Poha

You might call it Atukilu or Chinde or Avalakki, it will tastes simply awesome. Try and convince your trainer that it is not high on fat or oily.

5. Milagai Bajji

Down South, you will get this stuffed chilly delicacy on every corner of the street. Ask your trainer to try one with you.

6. The Vada Pav

How can one resist a decent looking vada pav on a rainy afternoon?? And you also get to choose from Dabeli or Misal Pav or Wada Pav.

7. Kanda Bhaji

Our humble onion pakora is to die for when eaten with a hot chutney.

8. Samosas

If you say no to a samosa, it might get upset with you. Are you willing to take that risk?

9. Jalebis

We couldn’t take the risk of not including jalebis in the list.


By the way, in all probability the gym trainer is also eating all that yummy street food behind your back.

So, convince him to eat with you and you can gorge on all the street food…possibly!

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