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Have You Seen The Strangest Of These Monuments?


Priya Aurora
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The world is becoming a strange place and people seem to be becoming stranger by the day. As if we all are pushing our limits, to get as weird as we can.

Just have a look at these strange monuments that we found for you, and you will be shocked out of your boots.

1. Molinere


This park is underwater, and you will never see anything like this on land. The sculptures have been installed underwater and over the years, the sea creatures have deposited on them in their unique way.

2. Manneken Pis

Rue de l'Étuve - Stoofstraat, Bruxelles - Brussel, België

When in Brussels, you have to see the pissing boy. The boy is a miniature bronze statue in remembrance of a boy who got lost when he was young. So attached are the locals to him, that they dress him up in different clothes according to the season.

3. The Shark at Headington

 The Shark at Headington

The community of Headington, Oxford, United Kingdom, looks just like any other neighbourhood until you glance at the shark that seemed to have dropped on a house from the sky. The shark is in remembrance of the Nagasaki bombing.

4. The Giant Robot at Gundam

The Giant Robot at Gundam

Right in the centre of the Odaiba Island close to the Tokyo Bay, you will find this huge robot. The ultimate haven for Gundam fans. This 43 feet tall robot is a replica of the Gundam Mecha.

5. Boll Weevil, the insect monument

Boll Weevil the insect monument

In Alabama, you will find a monument in remembrance of an insect that destroyed their fields. You will be surprised to know that this monument is guarded day and night.

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