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Watch Out For These Strange Signs In Your Man!

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Men will be men. Most of them cheat at the first chance they get, but they always give you some strange signs through their uncanny behaviour. It is you who needs to be smart and stay one step ahead of them.

If your boyfriend or husband shows any of these strange signs, then it is time to become THE DETECTIVE!!

1. He leads you on, has all the fun and then says – I am not really ready to commit…

2. When you ask for his phone to see your pics, you find it in airplane mode

3. The man in question wears a ponytail


 4. The phone goes to the bathroom with him

5. He has more friends who are girls than you

6. He has an active social life, but you don’t seem to have met any of his friends

7. When you need to speak to him the most, his battery mysteriously dies

 8. You find the attention that he gives very optimum, but cold. It does not make you happy and content…

 9. His reasons for not meeting you are lame- ‘I’m with the boys’, Getting late at work, blah blah blah…

 10. It is you who is taking the initiative in the bed all the time… that’s a very obvious strange sign

11. He just does not add you on ‘Find friends’. You have no clue about his whereabouts

12. He never replies to your messages in time…maybe he is busy replying to multiple women at one time

13. He just does not want a committed relationship

Don’t be judgmental at everything that he does..there are times when he’s genuinely busy but don’t end up trusting him blindly..make sure you look out for any strange signs..you know what I mean.

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Always Stay Calm!!



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