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One of the oldest epics the mankind has ever seen or believed in is none other than Mahabharata. Our country has always been a great admirer of Mahabharata as the epic has offered many lessons to be learnt from each episode. Several short films, feature films, animated films, comics, short stories have been made in the name of Mahabharata. But all these stories missed some things, something that KHURKI brings to you today…

Karna proved his greatness even in his last moments

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Karna was one of the pivotal characters in Mahabharata, known for his benevolence. And, he showed this even in his last moments lying in the battlefield gasping for his last breath. That’s when Lord Krishna decided to take his test and appeared before Karna in the form of a Brahmin and begged for alms. Offering his gold teeth, Karna asked the Brahmin to break his teeth and take them. The Brahmin found it to be a wicked act and turned down the offer. Not wanting to turn a Brahmin away, Karna took a stone and broke all his teeth and offered them to him. That wasn’t the end of the test. The Brahmin refused to accept blood-stained teeth. In spite of his condition, Karna struck the sky with his arrow bringing rainfall. Karna then offered those washed teeth to the Brahmin.

First ever test tube baby of the world

Dronacharya was the guru of both Kaurava and Pandava and one of the most important characters of Mahabharata. Not known to many, he was the first ever test tube baby of the world. His father was Rishi Bhardwaj and mother was an apsara named Krithaji. One day, Rishi Bhardwaj went to bathe at a bank of river Ganga before his evening prayers. He saw a heavenly beauty bathing at his usual spot. On seeing the Rishi, she came out of the river wearing a single loin cloth. And then something unthinkable happened and her very single loin cloth slipped off her body. Moved by the heavenly beauty and overpowered by the moment Rishi Bhardwaj emitted his semen. He then collected it in a pot and stored it in dark place in his ashram. ‘Dronam’ means pot and ‘Dronar’ is one who was born from the pot.

Five golden arrows of Bhishma

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When Kauravas were losing the battle in Kurukshetra, Duryodhana blamed Bhishma for not taking part in the war properly. He accused him because of his affection towards Pandavas. Hurt by the accusation, Bhishma took out five golden arrows, chanted a few mantras and vowed to kill the five Pandavas in the morning. But Duryodhana never believed him and asked to keep the golden arrows in his custody for the night, with the promise to return the arrows the next morning.

Food contribution by King of Udupi

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The King of Udupi decided to be neutral during the war, but provided food for the people involved in the battle. It so turned out that each day, the food was enough for every single person, neither less nor more. People realized it a little late and were amazed with the fact that how could he calculate the exact amount of food to be cooked. People from Udupi even today are into the catering business.

Duryodhana asked Arjun to ask for a boon

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Before the epic war, when Pandavas were living in a forest in exile, Duryodhana set up his camp near a lake in the same forest. When Duryodhana was taking a bath in the lake, prince Gandharvas came and took him captive after a fight. It was Arjun who helped him out and set him free. Duryodhana was now humiliated, as the man who saved him was the enemy whom he insulted several times and out of guilt and realization offered him to ask a boon. Arjuna said he would ask for it when he needed something.

When Arjuna credited his boon

During the Mahabharata war, Krishna reminded Arjuna of his pending boon. And also told him about the five golden arrows kept by Bhishma with Duryodhana. Arjuna then went to Duryodhana and reminded him of the boon and asked for the five golden arrows. Being a Kshatriya, Duryodhana had to keep his promise. Duryodhana again went to Bhishma and asked for another set of arrows but was denied.

Sahdev ate his father’s brain

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Just before he was about to die, Pandavas father Pandu wished that one of his should eat his brain for the sake of knowledge. Sahdev paid heed and when he found some time alone, he ate his father’s brain. It is believed that with the first bite he got all the knowledge of the universe, with second he got all the knowledge of present and with the third bite he got all the knowledge of future.

Abhimanyu was Balrama’s son-in-law

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Abhimanyu was married to Balram’s daughter Vatsalya. Though Balram wanted Vatsala to marry Laxman, who was Duryodhana’s son. But Vatsala and Abhimanyu loved each other, therefore with the help of Ghatotkacha, they terrified Laxman and later married one other.

Duryodhana approached Sahdev for help

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Sahdev not only had the vision of future but a great knowledge of astrology. Knowing this, Shakuni asked Duryodhana to visit Sahdev for the best mahurat of Mahabharata. Being true to his knowledge, Sahdev gave details about mahurat to Duryodhana, though it was not in favour of the Pandavas.

Arjun’s son sacrificed before Goddess Kali

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To ensure the win of Pandavas, Iravan sacrificed himself before Goddess Kali. But he had wished to get married before sacrificing his life. In order to fulfill his wish, Lord Krishna took the form of Mohini and married Iravan. The day he sacrificed his life, Lord Krishna wept like a widow.

Dhritarashtra had a son from maid

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Dhritarashtra also had a son from a dasi named Sauvali. During the pregnancy days of Gandhari, she was appointed by her to take care of Dhritarashtra. Their son was named Yuyutsu, the dasi putra.

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