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These Stereotypes About India That Refuse To Go Away!


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Aratrika Atwal
Aratrika Atwal
Sweet & simple with great observations, can find out stuff which exists for all but never seen.

When people from other countries decide to travel to India, they generally have some stereotypes in mind, which have been there since centuries. We agree that India is a vast country and there is much to see and experience. But there are some stereotypes that need to go, India needs to be reviewed with a fresh perspective.

India is not the land of snake charmers anymore

Image Source
Image Source

Charming snakes got banned two decades ago, so we need to stop showing India in this backlight.

Majority of Indians are not poor and happy

Image Source
Image Source

Dude you need to do your homework better. The development of the nation cannot be calculated on the number of beggars you meet at a red light. Just because Indians are positive people, who like to smile and welcome strangers, does not make us a country of losers. We do have our Ambanis, Goenkas and the Tatas!

India is not dirt and chaos anymore, we have the Swachh Abhiyaan

Image Source
Image Source

Many people come to India with the assumption that every nook and corner of India is filled with garbage or filth. Well, that’s not true. We also have some of the finest parks, museums and shopping malls in the world. We would say we have a dual kind of existence, but all of it is not dirty.

Just because we talk in Hindi, it does not make all of us Hindus!

Image Source
Image Source

In reality, quite a few Indians speak regional languages and they speak no Hindi at all. Hindi is spoken majorly in North India and that has no link to the religion one follows.

Indians are not uneducated. In fact, they are giving you a run for your money in your country

Image Source
Image Source

This is the worst stereotype of the lot. Education is a very important part of growing up in India. Unlike other countries, our teenagers do not move out and so summer jobs. They are motivated to get a degree and become something in life.

Cows cannot be seen roaming on all the roads in India

Image Source
Image Source

Well, they can be see seen in the villages and smaller towns but not in the metros. We adore these beautiful creatures and admit sheepishly that they are cause of traffic jams most of the time.

Indian cuisine is not just tikka and butter chicken

Image Source
Image Source

You will be glad to know that every region in India has its unique cuisine and a few special dishes. You should try fish in Bengal, coconut curry in Kerala, dhokla in Gujarat and tikka in the north.

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