Stamp Collector? Have You Checked These Stamps Yet!


Does the little coloured paper in the corner of a letter fascinate you? Confused.. !?!!? What coloured paper is she taking about. Well.. I’m talking about stamps…

I’m sure there are many who are intrigued by these little printed paper and it does have a lot of collectors too…But, do you know there are stamps which are worth more than you can imagine…Yes, read on to be amazed.

1. The Penny Black stamp


The Penny Black is one of the world’s most iconic stamp as it’s the world’s first stamp. It’s very valuable. The picture in the stamp shows Queen Victoria, based on a sketch of her by William Wyon when she visited London in 1837. it is estimated around $5 million.


2. Cape of Good Hope stamp


Issued in 1853, the Cape of Good Hope stamp is the first postage stamp in the Cape of Good Hope, and even in the whole of Africa. It initially came out in the forms of 1 and 4 pennies and the stamp with two other face values was issued two years later. It’s estimated value is $40,000


3. The Red Mercury stamp


It’s a rare Austrian newspaper stamp. The Red Mercury stamps were printed in 1856 but were replaced too soon in 1858. Few copies of this very rare stamp have a value of $40, 000.


4. The Whole Country is Red stamp


This modern stamp was commissioned by Chairman Mao to represent communism over the whole of China. But by a complete error, the designer left Taiwan in white. This was immensely controversial and Mao thought he would be going to prison for treason. The stamp was hurriedly recalled. This stamp is Estimated around $474,197.


5. The British Guyana 1 cent Magenta stamp


The British Guyana 1 Cent Magenta, printed in black on magenta paper, is only one left in the world. And this makes it the most costly stamp in the world. Because of the simplicity of these stamps, each stamp had to be initialed by a post office employee before use, to prevent forgery. The four corners of the rectangle stamps were cut to turn the shape of the stamps into that of an octagon. It was auctioned off in New York, USA, for $850,000.


6. The Inverted Jenny stamp


The 24-cent Jenny stamp was the first stamp for air-delivery issued in 1918. The stamps were printed on sheets of 100 and one of these sheets were printed with the jenny plane upside down and was sold before the error was noticed. This was how the Inverted Jenny got created. A block of 4 stamps was purchased in 2005 for $3 million.


7. Post Office Mauritius stamp


These stamps had the words “Post Office” instead of “Post Paid”. There are only 26 known pieces of the Post Office Mauritius stamps that have survived to this day, including several 14 one-penny and 12 two-penny pieces. In 2011, a blue two-penny Post Office Mauritius was auctioned off for $1.67 million in the UK.


8. The Tyrian Plum stamp


These stamps are valued at over £100,000. The Tyrian Plum was issued in the reign of Edward VII, but it actually came out the day he died. Though it was immediately withdrawn, but a tiny handful got into the market.


9. The Roses stamp


This stamp was issued in 1978 which was worth 13 pennies (13p) then and is now worth £130,000. The quirk about the stamp is the 13p did not get printed for some reason. There are only three in the world. The Queen (London) owns two.

So, these were some one-of-its kind stamps.


Upaali Dhawan
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